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R&TTE equipment

Conditions for use of radio frequencies and technical requirements for radio equipment exempted from frequency authorisation

Technical requirements for radio equipment used on the basis of a frequency authorisation

Directive 1999/5/EC on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment and the mutual recognition of their conformity (in Estonian)

Electronic Communications Act   (in Estonian )

The Estonian radio frequency allocation plan   (in Estonian )

Procedure for marking of apparatus, for affixing conformity marking to apparatus, and for conformity assessment and attestation thereof   (in Estonian )

The procedure for publication and updating of the specifications of the types of interface  (in Estonian )

Procedure for notification of European Commission (in Estonian )

Additional requirements for radio equipment to ensure that it supports certain features ensuring access to emergency services (in Estonian )

Notification under article 6.4 of R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
When radio equipment using frequency bands whose use is not harmonised throughout the Community, the manufacturer or his authorised representative established within the Community or the person responsible for placing the equipment on the market shall notify the Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority of this at least four weeks before the equipment is intended to be placed on the market.

Notifications under article 6.4 of R&TTE Directive can be sent by e-mail to address apparatus at tja dot ee  (notification form).