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Railway infrastructure capacity

Regarding the conditions of use, all enterprises shall have the right to access the public railway network without discrimination.

The public railway infrastructure is managed by railway infrastructure enterprises AS Eesti Raudtee and Edelaraudtee Infrastruktuuri AS who organise the use of railway infrastructure by distributing the railway capacity.

The railway infrastructure capacity can be applied for by a rail transport enterprise who has an activity licence of rail passenger transport or goods transport as well as a safety certificate, competent authority that complies with the regulation of international rail transport enterprises or regulation 1370/2007 of the European Parliament and Council (EC). In addition, a carrier, consignor and an enterprise providing combined transport services who has an interest related to the provision of public services or commercial interest for acquiring infrastructure capacity.

The railway infrastructure capacity shall be distributed based on the scheduling period, which starts on the second Sunday of December. The railway infrastructure capacity shall be divided into an annual scheduling period.