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Handling of chemicals

The Technical Regulatory Authority performs supervision of the activities of companies that are dangerous as well as of enterprises liable to be affected by a major accident. We shall check compliance with the requirements for the record-keeping of chemicals pursuant to the Chemicals Act, as well as compliance with the requirement of liability insurance. We co-operate both with national supervisory agencies (Rescue Board, Labour Inspectorate, Health Board) and external partners.

Chemicals play an important role in our everyday lives. Chemicals should be used in production in such a way that the possible damage arising from their dangerous characteristics is prevented or minimal.

The main focus is on the safety of chemical handling in industrial enterprises, which largely relies on the requirements established by Seveso II (82/96/EC). The objective of these requirements is to protect people, assets, and the environment from the accidents and risks arising from handling dangerous chemicals. Dangerous chemicals include substances hazardous to health and the environment as well as flammable liquids, natural gas, liquid gas, etc. Dangerous chemicals are handled and stored in almost all enterprises that handle chemicals, such as oil shale chemical plants, fuel terminals, paint production, energy production, water purification, etc.