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The activities of the Technical Regulatory Authority in the field of electrical safety:

  • the market surveillance of electrical equipment: electrical equipment must be safe and equipped with the necessary information and marking
  • surveillance of the compliance of electrical equipment and installations with electromagnetic compliance requirements: an electrical device/installation cannot cause interference and must be sufficiently resistant to disturbances itself
  • surveillance of the dangerous substance content of electrical and electronic equipment: electrical and electronic equipment cannot contain more than the allowed amount of dangerous substances (e.g. hexavalent chrome compounds, lead, mercury)
  • national surveillance of electrical installations: the usage of electrical installations must be safe and in prescribed cases an audit must have been conducted and the usage supervisor must have been assigned (operations manager)
  • surveillance of the activities of electrical work companies: in order to perform electrical works, a company must have submitted a notification of economic activities, have a competent person in control of the works, and meet the electrical safety requirements while performing electrical works
  • surveillance of the activity of audit performers and authorities that certify staff: these authorities must be accredited in the respective field, be independent in their work as well as proficient and have the required knowledge and means
  • detecting the causes of electrical accidents and planning preventive measures accordingly to prevent accidents