Radio communications

In Estonia, the use of radio frequencies is regulated by the Estonian radio frequency allocation plan

The use of radio frequencies in Europe - EFIS (ERO Frequency Information System) 

The joint European radio frequency usage database is for communications administrations and radio equipment suppliers, manufacturers and ordinary users.

The EFIS database offers the chance to get to know the use of bands (9 kHz-275 GHz) in a particular country and compare it with other European countries. Comparing the frequency spectrum with the European Table of Frequency Allocations (ERC Report 25) is also interesting and this forms the basis for harmonising the usage of the radio spectrum.

The EFIS database also includes information on requirements for the use of radio equipment in different countries as well as on frequency allocations for the general use electronic communication network between operators for the provision of electronic communications service. In addition, the database gives access to both domestic and international legislation related to the regulation of the use of radio frequencies.