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Electronic communication

In the field of electronic communications, the Technical Regulatory Authority has 3 departments- Communications and Media Services Department, Radio Frequency Management Department and Electronic Communication Market Department.

In the field of communications services the Communications and Media Services Department checks the registration of the providers of communications services in the Register of Economic. The Communication Services Department inspects the performance of requirements set for the provision of the communications services and the operation in the protection zone of the line facilities and handles the damages of line facilities, mainly those of the copper and optical underground cables. Also the department deals with giving the right of use for fixed phone and mobile phone numbers, service numbers, short numbers and identification codes used in communications network and supervision of using the numbering.

Radio frequencies are a limited resource and the ongoing development of technology calls for the allocation of ever more frequencies for new applications. The Radio Frequency Management Department monitors together both the possibilities and the needs in planning the use of frequency spectrum which depend on the physical properties of the radio frequencies, existing and planned technologies, interests of the users of the radio frequencies and international regulations.

The aim of radio frequency surveillance is to guarantee the 24 hour interference-free radio communication in radio frequency channels used for emergencies and state security, as well as processing the messages of radio frequency interference and inspecting the legitimate use of radio frequencies.

Apparatus regulation and supervision focuses on updating the requirements for the use of radio equipment according to the development of technology and guaranteeing the compliance with the requirements.

In addition the Technical Regulatory Authority is a full member of European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) in duties of national standardisation organisation. Relevant actions concerning the telecommunications standardisation are performed in the Apparatus Department.